The Walter's Ranch - Lincoln, MO
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 No concession

 The property will be open and primitive camping available starting Friday night.  Riding Saturday is available but there is a fee of $10 that goes to the landowner.  This is the regular fee charged to ride at this property. 


The parking lot is large and solid and will accommodate even the largest rigs. This property has a very solid base and will provide a fun race course no matter the weather. In the past we actually ran this race in the rain following a night of rain and there were no issues with bottle necks. This race will be fun regardless of the weather. This is a riding park with fees so it is open to all on Saturday, just pay the landowner and watch out for course workers and various ribbon and blockage.


Pee Wee registration opens at 8:30AM, Peewee practice starts at 8:30AM, Peewees race at 9:00AM with a 15 min race for Big Bike Class followed by a 15 min race for the Pro 50 Class and 50 Class combined. Peewee trophies will be awarded at the riders meeting. This course will be designed to be fun for all Peewees riders of all skill levels. Do keep in mind that this place is rocky so it will be more difficult than some we have in the flat dirt locations.  Peewee course will be about .6 miles long.


The main race course will consist of about 6 miles of mixed tight woods, flowing trails, fast straits and some technical obstacles. All technical sections will have an easy line that will be slower but will be passable by our junior class on 65cc bikes. The property will separate the skilled from the fast!


Directions: From Sedalia, Mo: Highway 65 South to Lincoln, Turn east on H, follow H to B, Turn Left (north) on B follow B to Race Site on left side of road look for Arrows. OR take the Cole Camp exit then go East to B highway and then south to the race site.  Either route is about the same and full of curves!




GPS: 38.3007, -93.1434




Race Information: Two race format!!! A second practice is available if you dont want to come early.


1st race = 600's to 1200's - starts at 11:00.
2nd race = 100's to 500's - and 1000's starts at 2:00.


This is a split race format so make sure you plan accordingly. The schedule will be:


8:30 PW practice
9:00 PW Race for 65’s
9:00 Big Bike sign up begins. 1st and 2nd race can sign up
9:15 PW Race for 50’s
9:30 Big bike practice begins. 1st and 2nd race can practice
10:45 Rider’s meeting and PW trophies
11:00 1st Race
11:00 2nd Race still open for sign up
1:00 1st race ends
1:00 2nd race sign up ends
1:00 2nd race practice begins
1:55 2nd Race brief rider’s meeting on the line
2:00 2nd Race begins
2:15 1st Race results posted
2:30 1st Race trophies available for 15 minutes only
4:00 2nd Race ends
4:45 Results posted
5:00 Trophy presentation for both races.


Location GPS: 38.3007, -93.1434
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